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Eclipse POOSL (Parallel Object-Oriented Specification Language, and the accompanying tools offer a general purpose method for describing and simulating (embedded) system architectures for the early evaluation of key structural and behavioral concepts, requirements and performance. This lightweight modeling and simulation approach shortens the development time of complex high-tech systems by providing fast insights into requirements and early design decisions, thereby reducing the risk of expensive iterations during design, integration and testing.

POOSL targets discrete domains with a notion of time. It provides an intuitive syntax that matches well-spread approaches such as component-based software development. The semantics is based on formal techniques, which ensures unambiguous simulation of models, functional verification and performance analysis.

POOSL is accompanied with user-friendly industry-strength Eclipse-based tools with strong focus on interactive model development and scalable analysis. Light-weight model development and validation is supported by an Integrated Development Environment in combination with a scalable simulator. The tools allow easy integration with external visualization and control tools via sockets and files. Various model libraries provide common data structures, stochastic distributions and observers for evaluation of, for example, worst/best case and average case performance properties.

POOSL was originally developed at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) and was adopted by ESI (TNO) as a standard modeling and analysis tool following its successful application in the high-tech industry.

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