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Web Modeling Framework

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The scope of this project is to provide a framework to easily develop any online model and diagram editor based on an EMF meta-model. The framework support both model and diagram edition.

The purpose of the framework is to help building visual editor. You can use it to built a visual editor for any kind of EMF model. It already has been used to build several UML diagram editors (e.g. class and sequence).

The scope of this project is the framework itself, not the editors built with it (they could be in distinct projects), but as a sample, the Ecore model and diagram editor will be provided.

The framework provides mechanisms to send the model from the server to the client and to send modifications from the client to the server. The model persistence is left to the server implementation. It can be based on a simple file system, a database or something like CDO. This persistence is not part of the web modeling framework.

Creation Review2015-06-03