Eclipse Oniro Compliance Toolchain


Eclipse Oniro Compliance Toolchain provides a complete set of tools to enable, enforce, guide and continuously monitor compliance to Open Source licenses of the developed software in the Oniro project.

This toolchain will also enable generation of a constantly updated Software Bill of Material (SBOM) and other compliance artifacts that can be used by any device maker or vendor that wants to adopt Oniro as a base for their own device software and reduce legal friction for those using the platform.

Eclipse Oniro Compliance Toolchain is based on free and open industry standards and tools like Fossology, Scancode, SPDX and REUSE and it is designed to provide as much as possible accurate information about IP compliance both to Oniro Audit team during development process and to the final users of the Oniro Core Platform.

Eclipse Oniro Compliance Toolchain also provides  an online dashboard to quickly visualize the status of the audit process and current state of the compliance process.

Name Date
Name Date
Creation Review 2022-06-01