Eclipse Kitalpha 1.4.1



Kitalpha is a PolarSys solution which provides an environment to develop and execute classic DSM and MBE (model-based engineering) workbenches. Each workbench can be enriched by viewpoints for the description of complex system architecture in system, software and hardware engineering. This environment is built upon a CTK (Core Technology Kit) composed of engineering components not implemented by Eclipse.

API Certification

The project leadership certifies that the APIs in this release are "Eclipse Quality".

Architectural Issues

Kitalpha is the component which contains the CTK and the environments for development and execution of MBE (model-based engineering) workbenches. Kitalpha depends on modeling components (e.g., EMF, Sirius, Xtext, EMF Diff/Merge, EGF).

The Kitalpha solution is an Eclipse platform (Juno) which integrates Kitalpha. The purpose is to provide a consistent and ready-to-use development platform.

Kitalpha can be specialized in order to provide workbench-specific development environments. For instance, Capella Studio is a Kitalpha solution which integrated Capella with specific adaptions (e.g., contributions to editors, generators) for development of Capella viewpoints and tools (e.g., model checking, transformations).

Kitalpha is extendable by Kitalpha addons (e.g., Eclipse Platform Introspection).

Security Issues

No security issue identified

Non-Code Aspects

All communication links regarding Kitalpha solution are up-to-date:

  • Wiki with "News" section
  • Website with different sections:
    • Installation instructions on Getting Started page
    • Community links
    • Download page for Kitalpha solution and Documentation
    • Events around Kitalpha solution (conferences, talks, etc.)
    • Links to YouTube dedicated channel for Kitalpha
  • Forum
  • Project page
  • Bugzilla, Hudson instance.

The quality is ensured through:

  • The quality of the development, that is subject to Gerrit reviews
  • The quality of code expected by the contributors and defined in the Software Development Process established for the solution

Kitalpha is built with Jenkins and Maven.

The Kitalpha documentation is available on the Kitalpha Wiki page:

Conforms To UI/UX Guidelines
Not verified
Usability Details

Kitalpha intends to conform to the User Interface Guidelines.

End of Life

No Kitalpha component is deprecated so far.


Kitalpha intents to implement the ISO/IEC-42010 standard.


Kitalpha was created in the context of the collaborative Sys2Soft and Crystal projects, and improved in the context of Clarity, a collaborative project dedicated to Capella.

The vector of development of the Kitalpha community is essentially the Capella ecosystem. Capella Studio, based on Kitalpha, is the environment to develop and execute viewpoints for Capella.