Eclipse OpenCert 1.0.0 (Neon 3)

The major features of the release are:

  • Standards & Regulations Information Management: This feature supports management of knowledge about standards (e.g. IEC61508, DO178C, ISO26262, EN 50128/50126/50129, among others), regulations and interpretations, in a form that can be stored, retrieved, categorized, associated, searched and browsed.
  • Assurance ‘Project’ Management: Functionalities concerned with the development of assurance cases (safety and security cases), evidence management, and assurance process management. They include: guidance and re-use of assurance artefacts, ability to automate the most labor-intensive activities (e.g., traceability, compliance checking, assurance process planning, and metrics management, among others)
  • Architecture-Driven Assurance: This feature manages system architecture specification by decomposing a system into components. It also includes mechanisms to support compositional assurance, contract based approaches, and architectural patterns management. It allows users to browse information about the architecture of the system of interest and how the entities of the architecture can be related to the assurance case
  • Assurance Case Management: This feature manages argumentation information in a modular fashion. Assurance cases are a structured form of an argument that specifies convincing justification that a system is adequately dependable for a given application in a given environment. Assurance cases are modelled as connections between claims and their evidence. It also includes mechanisms to support assurance patterns management.
  • Compliance Management: The OpenCert tools help ‘engineers’ assess where they are with respect to their duties to conform to safety practices and standards, and still to motivate them to see the effective progress of the work and level of compliance.
  • Reuse Assistant. This feature in to facilitate reusing models or subset of models between Assurance Projects.
  • CDO storage. Models are stored in a centralised CDO server.
  • Real-time collaboration feature on model’s edition.
  • Collaboration with external tools: EPF Composer, CHESS Toolset, Verification Studio, MORETO...
  • Web site with several reports presenting analytical view from assurance data stored in CDO Storage.
  • Partial implementation of a Dashboard using Eclipse Amalgamation.
  • Partial implementation of a Security Module using CDO/Security Manager.
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Major release (API breakage)