Eclipse Remote Application Platform 2.3.0 Release Review

End Date of the Review Period: 

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014



The RAP project delivered the RAP 2.2.0 release in December 2013, and together with Eclipse Luna this RAP 2.3.0 release in June 2014. It includes server-side improvements, such as root path entry points, HTTP post request start, a new API for unique instances ('Singletons' for UISessions and Applications), on the cliend-side a new implementation of the (C)Combo and a JavaScript API for Widget HTML manipulation among other things. With the new e4 component in the RAP Incubator it is possible to run Eclipse 4 applications with RAP.

API Certification: 

The project leadership certifies that the APIs in this release are "Eclipse Quality".

Architectural Issues: 
  • [Fixed] During this release cycle the project had to provide fixes for Firefox 29+, Chrome 33+, and Webkit bugs
  • The DropDown widget has been migrated to the RAP Runtime core
Security Issues: 

No known issues in the release.

Non-Code Aspects: 


The RAP Developer's Guide has been updated, it's available in the tools and on the project web site.
Examples and demos are included in the examples feature. They have been tested with 2.3. Release, stable, and nightly build versions of the examples are deployed online available at

Committer Activity:

  • 7 active committers
  • continuous committer activity

Software Quality:


Usability Details: 

No usability issues.

End of Life: 

RAP 2.3 is backwards compatible to 2.2, 2.1 and 2.0 with the exception of breaking changes in the (provisional) Remote API. This API had been introduced in 2.0, but announced and declared as provisional. The change affects custom widgets only. It has been announced in the newsgroup and in the 2.1 New and Noteworthy.

The lifecycle package org.eclipse.rap.rwt.lifecycle has been marked as deprecated in an effort to remove the internals of the request processing (lifecycle and phases) from our public API. It will be removed in RAP 3.0.

There was no API removal in RAP 2.3.

  • RWT requires javax.servlet >= 2.5
  • OSGi integration compatible with OSGi core spec
  • RAP protocol uses strict JSON as specified in RFC 4627


  • Steady flow of bug reports in bugzilla (~ 30 bug reports / month, including feature requests)
  • Very active discussions on the community forum/newsgroup
  • Talks at Eclipse demo camps and conferences
  • Blogs about RAP at, aggregated on Planet Eclipse
  • Integration with other Eclipse projects
    • Eclipse 4 support in the RAP Incubator
    • Virgo provides a dedicated RAP server
    • EMF provides RAP support
    • Scout, Riena and Gyrex use RAP
    • EMF Client Platform is compatible with RAP
    • RAP Incubator provides RAP versions of the Nebula Grid and other components


This release is part of Luna.