Eclipse Riena 6.0.0 Release Review

End Date of the Review Period

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This plan describes the work for Riena 6.0.0, which is planned for Jun 2014 (Luna release train). The overall goal is to investigate items where e4 and Riena can better integrate together. The E4 application model and the Riena navigation model.

API Certification

The project leadership certifies that the APIs in this release are "Eclipse Quality".

Architectural Issues
  • We use OSGi Services and Extensions to make Riena extendable by others
  • OSGi Services of Riena are registered with a low Service Rank so that they can easily be replaced by a self written services.
  • Riena can be consumed in pieces in the steps:
    • core, remote services, ridgets, with navigation
  • Dependency Injection used in all placed for services and extensions using the Injector APIs



  • Many Testcases (3200) to validate that APIs are working
  • Many extension and services where users can replace Riena functionality with their custom implementation.
  • We support Eclipse 3.x. views using extensions
  • in 3.x mode we use the Workbench
  • in 4.x mode we read the extension and add the views dynamically to the e4-Application Model
  • Riena also runs in RAP mode where it supports to render the Riena application in the browser. 
Non-Code Aspects
  • Riena Wiki pages which document a number of aspects in Riena
  • Various samples to showcase the individual UI aspects of Riena that are supplied as an extra feature
  • Client/Server demo application
  • snippet project (and wiki page) that show how to use Ridgets
  • Javadoc, Extension Point Schema docu
Usability Details
  • Built on top of Eclipse RCP
  • Use proven technologies from their like Views, Perspectives, Databinding
  • Adds a different navigation model on top that is more driven by the requirements of endusers. (known by them from other enduser products)
  • Ability to customize Look and Feel for SWT views for various use cases and customers.


Riena has one tool the „Riena Toolbox“

  • It helps to modify the assembly (definition of the navigation scheme)
  • generates views and controllers
  • contains a previewer that let you quickly look at Riena/RCP Views (including the Riena Look and Feel)
  • contains a UI wizard that generates a number of sample Riena apps
End of Life

We plan to stay around for longer

  • Attempt to base as much as possible using OSGi standards
  • Remote Services are based on the concept of Webservices
  • Currently Riena has its own definitions for the use of Injectors. Switching to JSR 330 or Eclipse 4 way of injecting services etc. is an option for future versions of Riena.
  • 10 committers currently
  • Interesting new applications and projects that show up from nowhere that use Riena and file bugs or requests.
  • Open Source framework „Redview“ (non-Eclipse project) is based on Riena. „Redview“ committers are also Riena committers (Ekke)
  • Some bugs and requests are filed by non-committers.
  • Open release planning and tracking processes
  • Bugzilla used to request and track all defects and enhancements
  • Bugzilla entries from committers and Riena users


  • Evangelism and outreach into the community
  • ECE, Eclipse DemoCamp and JAX
  • Riena can be consumed in pieces
    • first Remote Service, then Ridgets, then the whole UI with the alternative navigation model
  • however most of the time people consume it all
  • Compeople is helping multiple Riena-based projects to succeed in their work.
  • Still its hard to find people who not only consume Riena but actually develop code for Riena and submit patches.


This release is part of Luna

Special new features in Riena 6.0 are

  • better integration with browser based apps into Riena RCP applications
    • embedded browser application can control the Riena navigation tree
    • Riena navgigation actions can control the browser application
  • Support for scaling SWT applications in Riena to higher DPI rates
    • Scaling layout for all widgets
    • Scaling icons, menu, menuitems
    • Scaling of overall application shell size, navigation tree size