Eclipse Virgo 3.7.0

The Eclipse Virgo 3.7 release with code name Steel contains a rework of the build system to Gradle and updates of the major dependencies: Spring Framework (4.2.9), Gemini Blueprint (2.0), Gemini Web (3.0), Tomcat (8.5.11) and Equinox (3.9.1).

This release will be accompanied by

Bundlor 1.2.0 and Virgo Tooling 1.5.0.

Release Date
Release Type
Minor release
Name Date Description
3.7.0.M01 2013/04/17
3.7.0.M02 2016/03/08
3.7.0.M03 2016/06/01
3.7.0.M04 2017/01/26
3.7.0.RC01 2017/02/03