Eclipse Virgo 3.7.0 Release Review

End Date of the Review Period

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The Eclipse Virgo 3.7 release with code name Steel contains a rework of the build system to Gradle and updates of the major dependencies: Spring Framework (4.2.9), Gemini Blueprint (2.0), Gemini Web (3.0), Tomcat (8.5.11) and Equinox (3.9.1).

This release will be accompanied by

Bundlor 1.2.0 and Virgo Tooling 1.5.0.

API Certification

The project leadership certifies that the APIs in this release are "Eclipse Quality".

Architectural Issues


Security Issues

Known security issues:

  • Outdated Spring Framework Bug 510211 (fixed with Bug 510305)
  • Bug 511103 (currently under investigation - application developer side workaround is available)

3rd party libraries such as Spring Framework, Tomcat and others have been updated to recent versions.


Non-Code Aspects

Virgo Tooling has been updated.

Several new Virgo recipes have been added to the sample page:

  • Virgo recipe for 'Create a Custom Virgo Runtime with Dockerizor' ( HTML )
  • Virgo recipe for 'Serving Web Content with Spring MVC' ( HTML )
  • Virgo recipe for 'Accessing Data with MongoDB' ( HTML )
  • Virgo recipe for 'Messaging with RabbitMQ' ( HTML )
Usability Details

No usability issues.

End of Life

Virgo Nano Full has been discontinued.

  • Virgo Nano Full integrates OpenEjb and other components providing Java EE Web Profile function
  • Virgo requires Java 7 (JavaSE-1.7)
  • Virgo supports OSGi v4.3
  • The Gemini Web container provides support for Web Bundles as defined by OSGi Enterprise Spec v4.2
  • Tomcat 8.5 with servlet 3.1 and Jetty 8 with servlet 3.0 support
  • Kernel uses OSGi standard framework hooks
  • Virgo supports the OSGi Blueprint service, OSGi Declarative Services, OSGi JMX Management, and OSGi Log Service
  • Bugzilla in use by users and contributors
  • Virgo forum and virgo-dev similarly active
  • Bi-Monthly Virgo community call
  • Blogs
  • Forum is used for propagating news updates
  • Virgo Tutorial at EclipseCon
  • Mattermost (Virgo Channel on Mattermost)