The Eclipse Integrated Computational Environment

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The scope of this project will cover everything necessary for performing the Big Four activities (setting up the model, launching the job, analysing the results and managing the input and output data) in addition to streamlining some of the activities necessary for obtaining modeling and simulation codes. This includes:

  • Input generation using existing or new I/O tools for modeling and simulation projects.
  • 3D geometry construction for physical models.
  • 1D, 2D and 3D meshing tools or connectors to existing third party tools.
  • Database connectors for scientific and engineering databases for physical information.
  • Tools for launching scientific and engineering codes on local or remote machines and managing the input and output of those jobs.
  • Tools for monitoring remote jobs with domain-specific views.
  • Scientific and engineering tools for viewing data, including but not limited to plotting routines, 3D visualization, scientific data mining and “low-fidelity, high-access” views for derived quantities for modeling and simulation.
  • Integration with engines for quantifying uncertainty in simulators.

In all cases, an emphasis will be placed on creating reusable tools that can be easily deployed for multiple modeling and simulation projects instead of creating highly specialized tools for a single modeling and simulation project. The first case maximizes the benefit of the tool suite to customers and accomplishes the second, with proper design, but the second case does not accomplish the goals of the project.

The capability to launch jobs in this project will be based on those already available in the Eclipse Parallel Tools Platform (PTP), but tailored specifically for modeling and simulation projects. All of the code under the hood for uploading, download, executing and steaming files will call the PTP. Custom view and editors for modeling and simulation will be made at the UI level as well as for organizing the results of the launch.

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