Eclipse Triquetrum

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The Eclipse Triquetrum project is structured on three lines of work :

  1. A Ptolemy II RCP model editor and execution runtime, taking advantage of Ptolemy's features for heterogeneous and hierarchical models.
    The runtime must be easy to integrate in different environments, ranging from a personal RCP workbench to large-scale distributed systems.
    To that end we will deliver supporting APIs for local & remote executions, including support for debugging/breakpoints etc.
    The platform and RCP editor must be extensible with domain-specific components and modules.
    We will also deliver APIs to facilitate development of extensions, building on the features provided by Ptolemy and OSGi.
  2. APIs and OSGi service impls for Task-based processing. This would be a "layer" that can be used independently of Ptolemy, e.g. by other workflow/orchestration/sequencing software or even ad-hoc systems, interactive UIs etc.
  3. Supporting APIs and tools, e.g. integration adapters to all kinds of things like external software packages, resource managers, data sources etc.

"Vanilla" packages will be delivered that can be used for general Ptolemy modeling work.

Triquetrum will also deliver extensions, with a focus on scientific software. There is no a-priori limitation on target scientific domains, but the current interested organizations are big research institutions in materials research (synchrotrons), physics and engineering.

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