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Eclipse eBPM

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The eBPM project focuses on providing both runtime, and support tools to realize a complete BPM solution based on OSGi For the runtime part the eBPM project provides:

  • A core framework (eBPM Core framework ) to develop, configure and manage OSGi services based on messaging paradigm. The core framework will be built on top of Equinox runtime project.
  • A set of standard connectivity ( SOAP, JMS etc.. ) and business services built on top of eBPM core framework. For connectivity service one of the project goals is to collaborate with ECF runtime project and with Swordfish based connectors.
  • Orchestration of OSGi services in the core framework, through one or more bundles (BPMGateway).
  • Extensions towards the Apache ODE engine so as to be able to embed Equinox and eBPM core services in the BPEL engine.
  • A metadata model to have a persistent model for eBPM projects.

The project provides support and deployment tools for the configuration of services for the eBPM core framework and a monitoring ui perspective to manage runtime information, and does not aim to replace or substitute existing OSGi development tools ( PDE ).

The proposal does not aim at providing process development tools and SOA metamodel, but it will use and extend existing Eclipse projects like Eclipse BPMN Modeler, Eclipse BPEL Editor and STP intermediate model ( now Mangrove project ). eBPM will focus on code generation capabilities.


The following schemes illustrate the proposed architectural runtime services that will be implemented.


When we need an external BPM Engine like BPEL, the runtime part will become:



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