SCA Tools 2.3.1 Release Review

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The purpose of the Eclipse SCA Tools project is to develop a set of tools to help developers of SCA applications

The SCA Tools project focuses on tools covering the SCA specifications:

  • SCA ecore meta model corresponding to the XSD scheme proposed by the Open SOA consortium and by OASIS
  • Ecore meta models of additional implementations, interfaces, and bindings defined by the SCA runtime implementations Tuscany, Frascati, and Fabric3
  • Editors (XML, form, graphical) helping developers to construct SCA assembly files
  • Introspective tools that analyze existing code to complete the SCA model according to SCA annotations found in the code

This release contains no particular enhancements.

Architectural Issues

Nothing new.

Non-Code Aspects

Nothing new.

Usability Details
Nothing new.
End of Life
No features from the previous release have been end-of-life'd in release 2.3.0
The SCA Composite Designer is compliant with:
  • The SCA specifications 1.0 proposed by the Open SOA consortium and
  • The SCA Specifications 1.1 proposed by OASIS
This release is part of Kepler

Release Review