The goal of the Swordfish project is to provide an extensible SOA framework based on the proven Eclipse Equinox runtime technology. The framework is designed to be complemented by additional open source components such as a service registry, a messaging system, a process engine etc. to form a comprehensive open source SOA runtime environment based on both established and emerging open standards.

This project is part of Galileo, Helios
Latest Releases

From 2010-06-23 to 2008-06-15

Name Date Review
0.10.0 2010-06-23
0.9.2 2010-02-26
0.9.1 2009-09-25
1.0.0 2008-12-31
1.0.0M2 2008-07-31
1.0.0M1 2008-06-15
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