Eclipse LemMinX 0.16.0 Release Review

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This a minor release of LemMinX. This release some new features as well as various bug fixes.

Security Issues

We’re aware of CVE-2020-8908 (Guava < 30.1), but the vulnerable API is never used in LemMinX, in favour of java.nio.Files

Non-Code Aspects

We have a feature listing at and configuration settings at . LemMinX lacks a traditional User Guide because it is generally included in IDEs by developers, who would write the necessary documentation on their client project page.

Conforms To UI/UX Guidelines
Not verified
Usability Details

Not applicable (Project does not provide UI)

End of Life

Users / Consumers are free to use an older version but should be aware that we do not offer support for older releases. We carry fixes and additional features through the latest release.


LemMinX complies with the Language Server Protocol ( through the LSP4J project (