Eclipse Technology

The Eclipse Technology Project is a top-level project at The Eclipse Foundation. As a top-level project, the Technology Project does not itself contain code, but rather plays host to a large assortment of projects covering a wide diversity of subject areas.

The Technology Top-Level Project provides a space for open source projects to explore ideas and technology areas that are new to the Eclipse Foundation or do not otherwise fit within mission, scope, culture, or roadmap of other Top-Level projects. It further provides a space for working groups to explore their technology; a space to build critical mass for new top-level projects; and a space where projects can find a measure of independence that might not be afforded by other Top-Level Projects.

Eclipse Public License 2.0

The content of this open source project is received and distributed under the license(s) listed above. Some source code and binaries may be distributed under different terms. Specific license information is provided in file headers and in NOTICE files distributed with the project's binaries.

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