Eclipse Sisu 0.1.0 Release Review

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First incubation release.

API Certification

The project leadership certifies that the APIs in this release are "Eclipse Quality".

Architectural Issues

As part of the namespace refactoring the packages were made more cohesive and less-coupled.

The main packages are:

  • org.eclipse.sisu.inject
  • org.eclipse.sisu.bean
  • org.eclipse.sisu.wire
  • org.eclipse.sisu.launch
  • org.eclipse.sisu.plexus

Guice modules from each package can be used independently of each other, the same applies to most of the main components. Internally there has been a lot of clean up and the major modules have been made extensible based on community feedback.

Security Issues

There are no known security issues in this release.

Non-Code Aspects

The first in a series of tutorials has been published at

Javadoc for the latest milestone and Maven documentation for the sisu-maven-plugin have also been published:

The wiki has been updated with a roadmap and the process for preparing milestones, but needs more content.

Sisu also has a new icon designed by the project lead.

Usability Details

Sisu is stable and ready for production use. The JSR330 based programming model lets you write re-usable components with the minimum of configuration glue.

End of Life

Sisu provides runtime support for legacy components that use the main org.sonatype.sisu interfaces and annotations. These types are marked as deprecated in favour of the equivalent org.eclipse.sisu types.


Sisu's programming model builds on top of the JSR330 standard. Sisu modules are compatible with the official Google-Guice 3.0 release.


Two external contributions have been accepted into Sisu.

Don Brown contributed patches to make Sisu more pluggable, while these exact patches weren't applied the concept was re-implemented using a strategy pattern

Gian Maria Romanato contributed a patch to make the Sisu extender code more re-usable:

There have also been a number of issues and feature requests reported by external users:

The sisu-user and sisu-dev mailing lists show a small but growing interest in the project, which hopefully will improve now that the refactored API is stabilizing. More tutorials and examples are sorely needed, and the wiki needs more details on how to contribute to the project. The forum is rarely used. Sisu is used in some form by the Maven, Hudson, and Nexus open source projects and members of those communities occasionally take part in Sisu discussions. Likewise the Sisu project lead takes an active interest in projects that adopt Sisu.

Release Review