Eclipse Sisu 0.3.0 Release Review

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Main story: provide dynamic proxies which delegate to the highest-ranked available implementation.

Plus maintenance fixes, including changes to internal caches to improve eviction rates and avoid memory leaks.

API Certification

The project leadership certifies that the APIs in this release are "Eclipse Quality".

Architectural Issues

Contributed code I originally designed and developed in the Peaberry project, this will form the basis of the new dynamic proxy support. Overhauled the binding cache to improve eviction rates, and upgraded an internal dependency to ASM5 in order to fully support generating proxies on Java8.

Sonar results continue to look good:

Security Issues

There are no known security issues in this release.

Usability Details

Sisu is stable and ready for production use. The JSR330 based programming model lets you write re-usable components with the minimum of configuration glue.

End of Life

Sisu provides runtime support for legacy components that use the main org.sonatype.sisu interfaces and annotations. These types are marked as deprecated in favour of the equivalent org.eclipse.sisu types.


Sisu's programming model builds on top of the JSR330 standard. Sisu modules remain compatible with the official Google-Guice 3.0 release as well as the recent 4.0-beta5 release.


Tamas Cservenak contributed a patch to switch to mojo annotations in the sisu-maven-plugin:

Igor Fedorenko contributed a test to check disposed realms are forgotten in the plexus adapter:

Other issues reported by external users since the last release:​​

Release Review