Eclipse Parallel Tools Platform (PTP) 9.0.0 Release Review

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The Parallel Tools Platform project provides tools and frameworks for developing parallel programs for high performance computing. This includes tools for statically analyzing source code in order to locate programming errors and simplify the use of parallel programming models, remote tools for working on applications located on remote machines, a framework for running and monitoring applications on a broad range of target systems, a parallel debugger, and a framework for integrating dynamic analysis tools (such as performance analysis) with Eclipse. PTP includes the Photran subproject, which builds on CDT to add Fortran support.

This release focusses on improved usability and stability. Long term maintenance will also be a focus. A number of components that were end-of-life in the last release have been removed in this release. These include:

  • GIG
  • Remote Tools
  • Remote Development Tools (excluding Synchronized Projects)
API Certification

The project leadership certifies that the APIs in this release are "Eclipse Quality".

Subprojects included with this release
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