Test and Performance Tools Platform

The Eclipse Test and Performance Tools Platform (TPTP) Project provides an open platform supplying powerful frameworks and services that allow software developers to build unique test and performance tool, both open source and commercial, that can be easily integrated with the platform and with other tools.

TPTP addresses the entire test and performance life cycle, from early testing to production application monitoring, including test editing and execution, monitoring, tracing and profiling, and log analysis capabilities. The platform supports a broad spectrum of computing systems including embedded, standalone, enterprise, and high-performance and will continue to expand support to encompass the widest possible range of systems.

TPTP will change the approach to application life cycle management, affecting IT organizations and tool vendors alike. Not only TPTP-based tools are interoperable, but also they are tightly integrated with the Eclipse Platform- based development tools. An IT organization will be able to assemble just the right combination of tools from different vendors that it needs throughout the application life cycle, from development through production. On the other hand, TPTP will enable the emergence of completely new tool models that simultaneously leverage and integrate multiple data across the life cycle yielding advanced capabilities and productivity.

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