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Eclipse Mnestix AAS Browser

Friday, June 14, 2024 - 02:15 by Alwin Hoffmann
This proposal is in the Project Proposal Phase (as defined in the Eclipse Development Process) and is written to declare its intent and scope. We solicit additional participation and input from the community. Please login and add your feedback in the comments section.
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The Asset Administration Shell (AAS) as the standardized Digital Twin for the industry is getting more important for the interoperability of companies and their data exchange, e.g. in the context of AAS based Digital Product Passport (DPP) scenarios. Dataspaces are growing which use the AAS as the format to exchange data.

But how to visualize and browse all these AAS? How can persons with less technical expertise easily search for and locate the data they require within a dataspace environments?

Eclipse Mnestix AAS Browser offers a browser for AAS in dataspaces.


Eclipse Mnestix AAS Browser offers a user-friendly browser for visualizing and navigating Asset Administration Shells (AAS) and their submodels within dataspaces, enabling easy data search and access for users with varying technical expertise

Why Here?

Standardized processes.

Community building.

Several related projects like Eclipse BaSyx are also here.

Project Scheduling

Initial contribution planned for end of June 2024.

First release is planned for July 2024.

Future Work

We plan Hackathons and open sprint reviews. Collaboration with universities, e.g. Johannes Keppler University of Linz, TU Dortmund and DHBW Stuttgart. Strong collaboration with Eclipse BaSyx and other organization such as Fraunhofer IESE, IDTA, OI4, ZVEI, and SCI4.0

In future there will be more specialized visualizations of Asset Administration Shell submodels.

More technologies to connect to AAS and Submodels via Dataspaces will be implemented.

Support several AAS and SM repositories via AAS and SM registries.


AAS made easy! - Eclipse Mnestix AAS Browser is the easy entry to the world of AAS and is an easy-to-use browser for AAS.

The Eclipse Mnestix AAS Browser is basically a single page application written in React which allows you to visualize Asset Administration Shells and their submodels. It supports the AAS Metamodel and API in version 3.

You configure the endpoint of a AAS repository and search for AAS-Ids and if a Discovery Service is available, you also can search for AssetIds and visualize the corresponding AAS.

Eclipse Mnestix AAS Browser is also optimized for mobile view to have a great user experience on mobile phones.

Eclipse Mnestix AAS Browser can visualize every submodel even if it is not standardized by IDTA. There are some submodels visualized in a extra user friendly manner. These are:

  • Digital Nameplate
  • Handover Documentation
  • Hierarchical Structures enabling BoM
  • Carbon Footprint

Moreover dedicated visualizations for submodels can be added as a further feature.

Melanie Gail
Pawel Baran
Nils Rothamel
Claudette Ocando Röhricht
Milo Franke
Interested Parties
  • Industrial Digital Twin Association e.V.
  • ZVEI e.V.
  • Open Industry 4.0 Alliance
  • Fraunhofer-Institut für Experimentelles Software Engineering IESE
  • Wittenstein SE
  • NetApp Deutschland GmbH
Initial Contribution

As an initial contribution the existing source code of the viewing component is being published.
This code is in ownership of XITASO.
It uses the licenses described in the previous sections.

With the viewing component it is possible to connect to a repository / discovery service and visualize multiple aas.
Building on that we will further develop the necesary features for it to become a fully fledged browser for dataspaces.

In the future it might also be of interest to publish our template builder and repository proxy which both provide business comfort features to easily secure an exisiting repository or build a multitude of AAS.

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