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Eclipse SDV Blueprints

Monday, May 15, 2023 - 09:22 by Naci Dai
This proposal is in the Project Proposal Phase (as defined in the Eclipse Development Process) and is written to declare its intent and scope. We solicit additional participation and input from the community. Please login and add your feedback in the comments section.
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The Eclipse SDV working group ( wants to be “An open technology platform for the software defined vehicle of the future; focused on accelerating innovation of automotive-grade in-car software stacks using open source and open specifications developed by a vibrant community.” In that scope, we develop several Eclipse projects. Within the Eclipse SDV Blueprints we now want to have a place to discuss, develop, and highlight the potentials and capabilities of combining these developed technologies. Given the complexity of the SDV projects landscape, the SDV blueprints also serve as examples, offering easily adaptable templates that effectively cater to comparable use cases.


The Eclipse SDV Blueprints project hosts blueprints, deployment descriptors and configuration for combining and demonstrating Eclipse SDV technology.

The scope of this project is to host blueprints utilizing Eclipse SDV technology. So, we do not plan to develop new Eclipse SDV technology within this project other than elements directly supporting the implementation of the specific use case. Main deliverables will thus usually be deployment descriptors and configuration for combining the utilized projects.

Why Here?

The Eclipse SDV working group creates the blueprints and most of the used projects are developed within the Eclipse Foundation which is why it makes most sense to place the Eclipse SDV Blueprints project under the Eclipse Foundation too.

Project Scheduling

The code for the Truck Fleet Management blueprint is already developed in a private repository so we plan to have this released as an initial contribution. Over time, we might add further blueprints but there is no exact timing for that yet.

Future Work

For future work we plan to extend the existing use case, e.g. by integrating additional Eclipse SDV projects. We also expect the Eclipse SDV community to come up with further blueprints that could be published under the proposed project.


The Eclipse SDV Blueprints project hosts different blueprints of how to apply technologies developed in the scope of the projects of the Eclipse SDV working group ( This makes it possible to highlight the capabilities and features of the software provided by the Eclipse SDV working group and explore potential for collaboration and integration of these technologies.

A blueprint is an examplatory use case implementation based on artifacts created in the scope of participating SDV projects and adjacent OSS technologies together with some blueprint specific code that ties it all together.

Adopters of a blueprint can then see all the moving parts and can participate in the future development of the software to ensure it meets their future needs as well. With these blueprints, the goal is not to define how everyone will tackle these problems, but to get something usable out, see how people make use of it, and to get feedback on it. This feedback can either be channeled backed into the blueprint or forwarded to the utilized projects.

Project Leads
Interested Parties

Projects involved in the Eclipse SDV Working Group.

Initial Contribution

For the initial contribution, we plan the implementation of two Blueprints described in further details in and

For the Truck Fleet Management blueprint, the idea is to combine Eclipse Leda, Eclipse Kuksa, and Eclipse Velocitas to enable the retrieval of fleet management relevant data from vehicles into a back end.

In the Autonomous Racers blueprint we show how to orchestrate ROS-based software stacks on F1Tenth racers through the usage of Eclipse Muto, Eclipse Ditto and Eclipse Chariott and potentially Eclipse Kuksa and Eclipse Velocitas.

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