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Eclipse TOMLed

Wednesday, December 21, 2022 - 07:11 by Zbigniew Kacprzak
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TOML is widely used for configuration files (for example: Python testing with TOX). It is supported by plenty of languages (just to mention two only: Python, C++) and also by plenty of IDEs (like: IntelliJ, Visual Studio), but there is no plugin for Eclipse.

Developers when editing source files got used to syntax highlighting. This is not only a nice-to-have feature, but fundamental solution (for all programming languages editors) that helps in writing correct code and saves valuable time required for implementation.

With this plugin one can find configuration issues and react accordingly before the file is promoted with bad syntax – what could be missed during unit tests.


Eclipse TOMLed project provides an editor enabling syntax highlighting and showing the structure of a TOML document when working with configuration files in Eclipse IDE.

Why Here?

Eclipse TOMLed is strictly bound to Eclipse IDE, so the natural idea was to join it more officially 


TOMLed Editor reduces the cost of development and improves developers’ comfort which might lead to yet better performance: happy people work in more creative and efficient way

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