Projects in this category produce OSGi bundles.

Eclipse Remote Application Platform

The Eclipse Remote Application Platform™ (RAP) is a framework for modular business applications that can be accessed from multiple client types, including web browsers, rich clients and mobile devices

Eclipse Gyrex Project

Eclipse Gyrex project is an Eclipse Open Source project for creating OSGi based server solutions. Gyrex provides a platform on top of the Equinox OSGi framework to allow seamless and pain-free

Gemini Web

Gemini Web is the Reference Implementation of the Web Applications Specification from the OSGi Alliance.

Gemini Naming

The Gemini Naming project implements support for using the Java Naming and Directory Interface™ (also known as JNDI™) within an OSGi environment. This project provides the following: a standard

Gemini Management

Gemini Management implements the JMX Specification Version of the OSGi Service Platform Enterprise Specification, Version 5.0. To learn more about Gemini Management you can read the documentation. The

Gemini JPA

The Gemini JPA project provides the ability to leverage JPA persistence in a modular environment. It is the continuation of the Reference Implementation for the JPA chapter of the OSGi Alliance

Gemini Blueprint

Eclipse Gemini Blueprint project makes it easy to build Java applications that run in an OSGi framework. By using Gemini Blueprint, applications benefit from using a better separation of modules, the

Eclipse Gemini

The Eclipse Gemini project is all about modular implementations of Java EE. Eclipse Gemini is composed of subprojects, each of which implements a specific modularized technology. They may each be used

Eclipse Equinox

Eclipse Equinox™ is an implementation of the OSGi core framework specification, a set of bundles that implement various optional OSGi services and other infrastructure for running OSGi-based systems.


The EclipseLink™ project's goal is to provide a complete persistence solution that is both comprehensive and universal. It will run in any Java environment and read and write objects to virtually any