Eclipse LSP4E

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The scope of the project is to provide integration of language servers conforming to the Language Server Protocol into the Eclipse IDE. It includes some APIs to turn language server protocol elements into Eclipse IDE concepts and a generic integration allowing to easily plug any language server to an Eclipse IDE instance without need to write Java code, either via a plugin associating a new language server, and by letting users manually bind language servers to their IDE.

Individual language servers (VSCode, OmniSharp...) and the necessary layers to actually run a language server (node.js...) are not in the scope of this project. The project aims to easily connect to those, not to ship them. Shipping individual language servers should be considered by project that specifically target tooling for this language.

0.2.0 Current2017-06-28
0.2.0 Release Review2017-06-21
Creation Review2016-11-16