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The project includes the necessary code to integrate any language server (conforming to the Language Server Protocol specification) or Debug Adapter (conforming to the Debug Adapter Protocol) in the Eclipse IDE: it orchestrates the requests to the language servers or debug adapters and presents the response in the usual IDE metaphors so users can manipulate them. The default integration is to provide features into the Platform's Generic and Extensible editor, but some code may be used as API to let integration be done with other Eclipse-based editors. It's build on top of Eclipse LSP4J.

Some examples of integration with Language Server Protocol are:

  • Show errors from language server as problem markers in the Eclipse IDE
  • Show completion proposals from language server into the Eclipse IDE Generic Editor
  • Show documentation from language server as hover into Eclipse IDE
  • Jump to declaration in Eclipse IDE, relying on language server results
  • Find References in Eclipse IDE, relying on language server results
  • Rename elements according to langauge server proposal
  • View Symbols in Outline/Quick Outline
  • ... more of current LSP feature to integrate
  • ... more to come as language server protocol get enhanced

Some examples of integration with Debug Adatper Protocol are:

  • Launching project (with or without debug)
  • Variables in "Variables" debug view
  • Variables value on Hover
  • Possibility to change values at runtime
  • Support for expressions and evaluation
  • ...
This project is part of 2018-09, Eclipse Photon, and Eclipse Oxygen.
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