Eclipse OCL (Object Constraint Language)

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If you are interested in contributing to Eclipse OCL, we recommend you to use the Oomph setup files, which will prepare the IDE and the workspace with all requried sources.

If you have Oomph installed you simply have to import the OCL and QVTo development setups from the catalog:

  1. File -> Import... -> Oomph -> Projects into Workspace
  2. Select OCL/Development project.
  3. Follow and finish the wizard.

You can also install a new/clean Oomph-ready IDE using the Oomph installer

A very short start guide to Oomph can be found here

The Team Project Sets linked below support installing all active source plugins, or themed subsets. Instructions for installing the source code from GIT may be found at

Although Gerrit is available for source contributions, such contributions are strongly discouraged. GIT patches attached to a Bugzilla are preferred since this ensures that code discussion is searchable in one place and avoids the inadequate tooling support currently available for Gerrit within Eclipse.


Source Repositories: 
You can use the code from these repositories to experiment, test, build, create patches, issue pull requests, etc. This project uses Gerrit Code Review; please see contributing via Gerrit.
ocl/org.eclipse.ocl - OCL


Build Technologies: