Eclipse AQAvit


The scope of the Eclipse AQAvit™ project is to:

  • Define the quality criteria for runtime and development kit binaries in collaboration with the industry requirements.
  • Measure and report on the quality of Temurin binaries throughout the release process.
  • Provide a facility for all Java runtime producers to evaluate their binaries to the AQAvit quality criteria.
  • Support Adoptium members to create a quality mark definition that reflects a robust definition of quality.
  • Manage full life-cycle and versioning of the quality testing material.
  • Develop tests, frameworks, APIs, website, infrastructure, and material to manage quality assets and their associated technologies.
  • Develop materials to make using and consuming the results of the Oracle Java Compatibility Test Kit (JCK) easier for all users at Eclipse and beyond.
  • Define the traceability and recreate-ability of the Temurin releases in line with best industry practice.
  • Implement an open, robust, audit trail for release content and quality of Java runtimes.
  • Monitor and report on changes with regards to correctness, performance, and other quality criteria.
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1.0.0 2024-02-01