Eclipse Ankaios


Eclipse Ankaios provides workload and container orchestration for automotive High Performance Computing Software (HPCs). While it can be used for various fields of applications, it is developed from scratch for automotive use cases. 

It provides a slim yet powerful solution to manage containerized applications. It supports various container runtimes with Podman as the first one, but other container runtimes and even native applications can be supported. Eclipse Ankaios is independent of existing communication frameworks like SOME/IP, DDS, or REST API.

Name Date
0.3.1 2024-06-11
0.3.0 2024-04-09
0.2.0 2023-12-11
0.1.0 2023-09-05
Name Date
2025.02 Progress Review 2025-03-15
2024.02 Progress Review 2024-02-28
Creation Review 2023-05-03