Eclipse uProtocol

Eclipse uProtocol provides a transport agnostic, layered communication protocol that is deployment, OS, and device (vehicle, cloud, mobile phone, charging station, etc...) agnostic, leveraging well

Eclipse eCAL (enhanced Communication Abstraction Layer)

Eclipse eCAL™ (enhanced Communication Abstraction Layer) provides a middleware that enables scalable, high performance interprocess communication on a single computer node or between different nodes

Eclipse Heimlig

Eclipse Heimlig is a Hardware Security Module (HSM) firmware for embedded platforms written in Rust. As an HSM, Eclipse Heimlig typically runs on dedicated hardware and provides cryptographic services

Eclipse Kuksa

The open Eclipse KUKSA™ project aims to provide shared building blocks for the Software Defined Vehicles that can be shared across the industry. A modern car contains more than 200 millions lines of

Eclipse MDM|BL

The Eclipse MDM|BL comprises a bottom to top architecture view of three parts. The first one is a specific openMDM application model definition for the ASAM ODS data storage. The standardization

Eclipse Muto

Eclipse Muto provides an adaptive framework and a runtime platform for dynamically composable model-driven ROS software stacks. Eclipse Muto can be used to introspect, monitor and manipulate the actively running ROS graph (the network of ROS nodes).

Eclipse MoEc

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Eclipse MoEc provides an open software development kit (SDK) for infrastructure-based planning, motion, parking and charging solutions within the Software Defined Vehicle (SDV) ecosystem. The MoEc SDK

Eclipse Backend function Bindings (BfB)

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The Eclipse BfB project provides a protocol and technology agnostic interface specification in the ecosystem of mobility and automotive applications. The Eclipse BfB specification is maintained in a

Eclipse Ankaios

Eclipse Ankaios manages multiple nodes and virtual machines with a single unique API in order to start, stop, configure, and update containers and workloads. It provides a central place to manage

Eclipse MOSAIC™

Eclipse MOSAIC™ provides a multi-domain/multi-scale co-simulation environment for virtual testing of connected and automated driving and mobility solutions. Eclipse MOSAIC™ comes with a runtime

Eclipse Leda

In the ambition to build a technology ecosystem for software-defined vehicle, one of the main challengs will be the combination of the diverse components into a coherent and useful whole: all the

Eclipse Velocitas

Eclipse Velocitas™ provides an end-to-end, scalable, modular and open source development toolchain for creating containerized and non-containerized in-vehicle applications. Currently, the automotive

Eclipse Chariott

The Eclipse Chariott project aims to simplify and enhance in-vehicle software developer productivity by providing a metadata-driven middleware/abstraction layer that allows modern application

Eclipse Ibeji

The automotive and mobility ecosystem is facing major challenges in modernizing and streamlining in-vehicle software development as well as in software life cycle management. The Eclipse Ibeji project

Eclipse Leda Incubator

Eclipse Leda Incubator provides a place for experimental components from the software-defined vehicle ecosystem.

Eclipse SDV Developer Console

Eclipse SDV Developer Console (DCO) integrates necessary sources for software lifecycle management and there by optimizes the complete process from development to release of software. The core of DCO

Eclipse p3com

Eclipse p3com enables arbitrary communication interfaces through a convenient and modern high level API while exploiting full HW capabilities. Eclipse "p3com" stands for: Pluggable Portable Publish

Eclipse SommR

Eclipse SommR provides an automotive grade implementation of the SomeIP specification for embedded Linux systems together with the required tools to support developers. Eclipse SommR fosters

Eclipse ArchE

Eclipse ArchE (Architecture Enabler) provides a tool for Architecture Modeling following an holistic Model-Based-Systems-Engineering (MBSE) approach instead of having a heterogeneous environment of

Eclipse Ambient Light Services

The Eclipse Ambient Light Services showcase vizualizes possible new lighting concepts which are adaptive to different specific driving scenarios, like e.g. coming and leaving but also further options