Eclipse BlueChi™


Eclipse BlueChi is a simple extension to systemd that allows management of services across multiple nodes. It relies on systemd services as an abstraction layer, thus being agnostic to how the process is run by systemd ("classic" application or containerized application, or anything else…).

Eclipse BlueChi also provides a mechanism by which a service can declare to have dependencies running on other nodes, allowing it to leverage systemd to do the dependency resolution.

It does not aim at being an overall system managing the state of the entire system across the different nodes. That system (that we name “state manager”) is envisioned to work with Eclipse BlueChi but not to be Eclipse BlueChi.

Name Date
0.8.0 2024-04-29
0.7.0 2024-01-19
0.6.0 2023-11-13
Name Date
Graduation Review 2024.02 2024-02-28
Creation Review 2023-09-06