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The Eclipse Chariott project aims to simplify and enhance in-vehicle software developer productivity by providing a metadata-driven middleware/abstraction layer that allows modern application programming models to target in-vehicle functions through a digital representation of vehicle state and capabilities and provides an extensible and dynamic architecture to access the vehicle hardware and sensors.

Automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), partners and software providers require a consistent and well-architected experience that allows them to continuously develop and deploy new software capabilities, new features, new services and new applications to vehicles without having to re-architect and reducing or eliminating system integration effort.  The metadata-driven middleware/abstraction model is thus a key building block to provide a common way to access the vehicle hardware and sensors that eventually will be adopted by automotive customers and partners to enhanced developer journey. At core, the programming model should provide a service interface that 3rd party software providers can rely upon to access services and features of the vehicle.

We invite you to listen to the full recording of the Eclipse Chariott project introduction and demo and the latest updates to the project. 

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