Eclipse Heimlig

Eclipse Heimlig is a Hardware Security Module (HSM) firmware for embedded platforms written in Rust.

As an HSM, Eclipse Heimlig typically runs on dedicated hardware and provides cryptographic services to clients running on other cores. These include:

  • Generation and secure storage of cryptographic keys.
  • Key use (encryption, decryption, signing, verification) without revealing key material to the client.
  • Generation of cryptographically secure random numbers (CSPRNG).

Eclipse Heimlig implements common cryptographic algorithms:

  • Symmetric encryption and decryption (AES-CBC, AES-GCM, AES-CCM, Chacha20Poly1305)
  • Signing and verification (ECDSA)
  • Key exchange (ECDH)
  • Hashing (SHA-2, SHA-3, BLAKE3)
  • Random number generation (ChaCha20Rng)
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