Eclipse MoEc

Eclipse MoEc provides an open software development kit (SDK) for infrastructure-based planning, motion, parking and charging solutions within the Software Defined Vehicle (SDV) ecosystem.

The MoEc SDK covers the three primary "Software Defined Architecture" (SDA) pillars:

  1. MoEc.OS: Orchestration of demanded control-plane components such as Eclipse Leda and Eclipse Cyclone DDS.
  2. MoEc.MOTION: All necessary application-plane software-components and algorithm e.g., from "Simultaneous Localization And Mapping" (SLAM), through PID-controller for actuation, up to specific motion-controller for aspects such as lane-keeping.
  3. MoEc.INTEGRATION: Required data-plane software components for integration into specific environments such as CARLA Simulator, Eclipse SUMO Simulator and 1:10 RC vehicle via a "Common Vehicle Interface" (CVI).

Objective is to provide a straight forward implementation including a easy to understand documentation, making the related aspects such as robotic algorithm, multi agent systems (MAS) easy to understand.

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