Eclipse openDuT

Eclipse openDuT automates the testing and validation process for automotive software and applications. This includes offering a framework for the testing and validation process but also includes process descriptions of the intended use.

It focuses on reliable, repeatable, and observable automated test and validation executions. The main building blocks are:

  • Model or description language of test cases that can be kept private or can be part of the open-source context, for example to offer a common implementation of a required topic for legal assessments.
  • Test Execution Engine as OSS reference implementation and open APIs to plug-In private engines for private Test Cases.
  • Test Management and Execution as component taking care about the needed capabilities to execute test cases and collect the results and insights.
  • Management Service to orchestrate, observe and establish communication between distributed Hardware ECUs and Emulated ECUs. Distribution means that the (virtual) devices can be in different networks and even separated by proxies and the internet.
  • Hardware Abstraction, Automotive Applications and Communication for uniform interaction with an abstract driver for different automotive networks e.g., CAN.

Main Use Cases are:

  • (Fully automated) grey-box tests for single ECUs or clusters of ECUs
  • Execution of tests over distributed test benches
  • Realization of functional and explorative tests
  • Coverage of Complete Security attack scenarios
  • Easy interfacing and usability of the framework (Compatibility with external protocols, modularization, …)
  • Observation of the test setup to verify if the test has been effective.
  • Cloud/on-premises/hybrid deployments
  • Adaption and full functional integration of 3rd party components (OSS, proprietary/ private source)
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Apache License, Version 2.0

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