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The openPASS (open Platform for Assessment of Safety Systems) tool is a developed framework for the simulation of interaction between traffic participants to evaluate and parametrize active safety systems. The simulation is based on a specific situation configuration and can contain several simulation runs, which differ due to random parameters.

The software suite of openPASS started as a set of stand-alone applications, which can be installed and configured individually. Over time, especially the graphical user interface evolved to a single entry point, enabling the average user to use openPASS as a “monolithic” tool.

Please find more information on the offical openPASS homepage:

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From 2023-11-10 to 2021-02-03

Name Date Review
1.0.0 2023-11-10
0.11 2023-07-11
0.10 2022-08-20
0.9 2022-05-01
0.8 2021-09-01
0.7 2021-02-03
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