Eclipse openPASS

The documentation of openPASS can be found here.


Eclipse openPASS™ provides a software platform that enables the simulation of traffic situations to predict the real-world effectiveness of advanced driver assistance systems or automated driving functions.

Safety relevant aspects of traffic, such as infrastructural elements or behavioral characteristics, are investigated with this platform. The platform is able to run entirely flexible multi-agent simulations which include stochastic variations as well as reproducibility. The flexibility is achieved by outsourcing to dynamic libraries (so called modules) all models defining the traffic scenario or behavior of traffic participants. Additionally to the platform, demonstrator modules are provided, which comprise simple traffic situations and behaviors of traffic participants as well as a collision model to answer basic research questions. Furthermore, demonstrator applications will be given to post process the simulation results. OpenPASS users are able to incorporate their own developed modules and post processing applications; this allows them to answer a wide variety of their specific research questions. These questions are related to development, testing, and rating of vehicle functions.

Possible users can be automotive OEMs, suppliers, public transport authorities, consumer protection organizations, insurance companies, academia, and legislation.

The platform is compatible with standards such as OpenDrive, OpenScenario and FMI. This project is part of the Eclipse Working Group openPASS (

Name Date
1.0.0 2023-11-10
0.11 2023-07-11
0.10 2022-08-20
0.9 2022-05-01
0.8 2021-09-01
0.7 2021-02-03