Eclipse Tractus-X


The Eclipse Tractus-X™ project is the official open-source project in the Catena-X ecosystem under the umbrella of the Eclipse Foundation. The Catena-X Automotive Network e.V. promotes, sponsors, and coordinates the overlying requirements of the Eclipse Tractus-X Project.

Catena-X is the first open and collaborative data ecosystem. Catena-X sees itself as a rapidly scalable ecosystem in which all participants in the automotive value chain participate equally. The goal is to provide an environment for the creation, operation and collaborative use of end-to-end data chains.  

Our participants are made up of providers and users in the automotive value chain and cover a wide range of company sizes. Our special focus is on the integration of small and medium-sized enterprises.


Name Date
24.05 2024-06-21
24.03 2024-03-08
23.12 2023-12-08
23.09 2023-09-08
3.1 2023-07-07
3.0 2023-04-17
Name Date
24.05 Release Review 2024-06-19
3.1 Release Review 2023-07-05
3.0 Release Review 2023-04-05
Creation Review 2021-04-07