Eclipse BaSyx 1.1.0 (JAVA) Release Review

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1.1.0 (JAVA)


The first minor update of BaSyx 1.0 greatly increases usabily and adds new features:

  •     Quality of Life Changes
    • Using functional interfaces for Operations
    • Helper classes constructing HTTP/REST paths
    • Streamlined (De-)Serialization classes of the AAS (e.g., AASX) to use AASEnv
    • Better error handling, e.g., for duplicate idShorts in SubmodelElements of the same Submodel
  • Adding Observable Implementations for relevant APIs (e.g., Submodel, Registry)
  • Adding MQTT Support for all relevant APIS (e.g. Submodel, Registry)
  • Authorization Support for all relevant APIs
  • Registering individual submodels with the AAS Server
  • Upload of AASX via HTTP-POST using multipart/form-data
  • Operation Delegation Mechanism enabling delegating operation calls made on the AAS OTS Server to outside HTTP/REST APIs
  • TaggedDirectory for AAS and Submodel
  • Add multiple AASX/XML/JSON to AAS Server on startup
  • Full configurability of the OTS components in regard to
    • HTTPS
    • Authorization
    • MQTT
  • Change of environment variable configuration of OTS components to support Kubernetes
Conforms To UI/UX Guidelines
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