Eclipse BaSyx

Eclipse BaSyx™ implements an open-source Industry 4.0 middleware based on the Asset Administration Shell that enables the shopfloor digitization. We provide mandatory Industry 4.0 software components and implementation tutorials for both end-users and tool developers. By implementing the relevant documents and recommendations of the Platform Industrie 4.0, we are leading edge and in close cooperation with standardization bodies.  

Essential components include the Asset Administration Shell as foundation for the development of digital twins, a registry component, persistency providers, and several container applications that simplifies the creation of common Industry 4.0 applications, such as dashboards.


Why BaSyx?

Industry 4.0 is the digitalization of manufacturing. It integrates processes, devices, workers, products, and all other relevant assets in one unified digital system. The Industry 4.0 therefore enables connectivity, holistic data analysis, a better understanding of production systems, and revolutionary approaches for production systems. Eclipse BaSyx implements the technical foundation for the Industry 4.0. 

Lot size 1

Manufacturing processes are highly automated, and therefore very efficient for large lot sizes. The markets however demand more and more flexibility.  Traditional automation architectures however require high efforts to change the programming, and to introduce new products. Eclipse BaSyx supports service-based manufacturing architectures that create every product based on individual recipes. We provide the necessary software components to get Lot-Size 1 production ready today.

End-to-End digitization

Production processes are complex, and sometimes hard to understand. What is the efficiency of the available equipment? Where are the bottlenecks? Why are there quality issues? Anwering these questions needs a thorough understanding of manufacturing processes. Today, already lots of data is available. This data however is often encapsulated, available in machines that communicate with proprietary protocols. The Asset Administration Shell introduces a unified interface to Assets, and enables the creation of digital twins that support the analysis of manufacturing processes, as well as process analysis. Eclipse BaSyx provides the necessary infrastructure for creating Asset Administration shells, for digital process models, and also to integrate existing machines into an Industry 4.0 environment.


What does BaSyx provide?

Industrie 4.0 SDK

The BaSyx Industrie 4.0 SDK encapsulates the BaSyx interface and communication with end-user friendly APIs. It enables the development of industry 4.0 components and the integration of devices and applications into Industry 4.0 environments. The BaSyx SDK is available for Java, C#, and for C++.

Communication middleware

The BaSyx communication middleware provides virtual End-to-End communication between any pair of connected devices. End-to-End communication is possible across networks, protocols, and vendors.


The BaSyx SDK supports major Industrie 4.0 protocols: OPC-UA, HTTP/REST, MQTT and native TCP/UDP communication. Connectivity to edge devices is possible , e.g. through JSON serialization.

Directory and Discovery service

The directory and discovery service enables a discovery of Industry 4.0 asets and their digital twins using a unified protocol. The directory service provides a mapping of logical device IDs to communication endpoints.

Asset administration shells

The asset administration shells provides a unified and self-describing model for all Industrie 4.0 entities, e.g. production devices. Asset administration shells consist of sub-models that present the specific aspects of an entity with a defined structure.

Model provider

Smart production requires access to numerous sources of information. Model providers implement a common API for the integration of data sources into the Industrie 4.0 production system as Sub-Models of asset administration shells. Supported model providers include NoSQL, SQL, FIle Systems, and memory.

Production control

BaSyx propagates a service-based production in contrast to existing cyclic production. BPMN engines, e.g. Camunda support the service based production paradigm and enable individual recipes for each product.


Gateways bridge different networks and protocols and enable an end-to-end communication in plants and production lines with heterogeneous network topologies. Gateways furthermore enable the translation of BaSyx commands to native protocols and therefore support the integration of legacy devices.



How to get?

BaSyx has created several releases of the various SDKs and components and we're distributing these releases e.g. via Maven Central. Additionally, the code and development status is available on GitHub:

Latest Releases

From 2024-03-08 to 2021-01-30

Name Date Review
2.0.0-milestone-02 (JAVA) 2024-03-08
1.5.1 (JAVA) 2024-02-05
1.0.0 (PYTHON) 2023-11-27
1.5.0 (JAVA) 2023-10-04
0.2.0 (RUST) 2023-05-31
1.4.0 (JAVA) 2023-04-03
1.3.1 (JAVA) 2023-02-08
1.3.0 (JAVA) 2022-12-15
1.2.0 (JAVA) 2022-07-29
0.2.2 (Python) 2022-06-02
1.1.0 (JAVA) 2022-04-22
1.0.2 (JAVA) 2021-12-15
0.1.0 (RUST) 2021-11-29
1.0.1 (JAVA) 2021-10-15
1.0.0 (.NET) 2021-07-06
1.0.0 (JAVA) 2021-03-18
1.0.0 (C++) 2021-01-30
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