Eclipse Che 6.0 Release Review

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Che 6 is the new generation of the world’s most popular open source developer workspace server and cloud IDE. Che lets you convert any production runtime into a developer workspace. Enterprise capabilities has been added and allow portable and shareable developer workspaces to be used by teams and workgroups in a reliable and scalable way. Che 6 also introduces capability to run with OpenShift, Kubernetes (soon) and other container orchestration engine with a new SPI (Service Provider Infrastructure).


This release includes:

  • User management with Keycloak: Authenticate with OAuth or SAML. Integrate with your LDAP or Active Directory.

  • Multi-user and Multi-tenancy: Allow multiple users to log into Che. Orchestrate workspaces for hundreds of developers.

  • Team workspaces & organization: Create teams and organizations to regroup developers and allocate resources.

  • Email notifications: Enable email notifications in team workspaces.

  • OpenShift infrastructure support: Run Eclipse Che on OpenShift infrastructure. 

  • Service Provider Infrastructure: Build workspace orchestration engine with the infrastructure you want

  • New UI: Focus on code while you are editing with a less distractive UI.

  • Debugger: Browse all the threads of your code, setup conditions and suspend policies on breakpoints.

  • Git Integration: Get color highlightings in the project explorer and in the editor to reveal git status.

  • Performances: Start workspace with shorter time and less resources.


Read more information about the release on Eclipse Che Blog

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