Eclipse Che 7.0.0 Release Review

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Che 7 is the biggest release in Eclipse Che history — focused on simplifying writing, building and collaborating on cloud native applications for teams. This release is the next step for Eclipse Che, making it the first developer workspace server and Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for creating cloud native, enterprise applications on Kubernetes.

This release introduces:

  • Kubernetes-based developer workspaces: Fully containerized developer workspaces allowing to bring your application runtime back easily in your dev environment.
  • New Editor: Based on Eclipse Theia, the new default web-based editor provides a VSCode like experience in the browser.
  • Devfile - developer environments as code: Configure devfile for your project and get reproducible and disposable portable developer environments.
  • New plug-ins and extensibility model: VSCode extensions compatibility, get the plug-ins you need for your project. Swap the default editor with a custom one.
  • Kubernetes and OpenShift Support: Deploy on any public cloud or on-premise Kubernetes.
  • Easy to Monitor and Administrate: Prometheus and Grafana dashboards to easily control your Eclipse Che deployment.
  • Chectl: New command-line tool to manage Eclipse Che.

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