Eclipse Dirigible™ 3.3 Release Review

End Date of the Review Period

Reviews run for a minimum of one week. The outcome of the review is decided on this date. This is the last day to make comments or ask questions about this review.





  • Keycloak integration and support + Docker image
  • Support for Report entity type in the Entity Data Modeler
  • Copy/Paste support for Entity Data Modeler
  • Copy/Paste support for Database Schema Modeler
  • DBCP version update to 2.2.0
  • Job form editor
  • Listener form editor
  • Extension Point form editor
  • Extension form editor
  • Table form editor
  • View form editor
  • Access form editor
  • Roles form editor
  • Support for checkboxes added in Application Templates
  • Table Report UI added in Application Templates
  • Pie Chart UI added in Application Templates
  • Embedded Dirigible use-case support
  • Bar Chart Support for Entity Model
  • Line Chart Support for Entity Model
  • Run On Feature
  • Plugins View
  • Command Engine
  • Branding Service
  • Discussions Perspective
  • Standalone Packages (e.g. CMS)
  • White-listing Authorizations
  • Run-on Form
  • Orion version 19.0 update
  • Usage Statistics
  • OpenShift build
  • Dynamic themes
  • Repository Facade API
  • Tomcat version 8.5.34 update
  • Anonymous Runtime


  • Look up for *.schema files as a pre-delivered content
  • Default theme configuration parameter
  • Entity Data Modeler fixes
  • Full-stack application template fixes
  • Mobile application template with Tabris.js
  • PostgreSQL database related fixes
  • Sybase ASE database related fixes
  • Save in silent mode for BPMN Modeler
  • Security access files synchronisation optimisation
  • Application Templates related fixes
  • Support for nullable and boolean values in Application Templates
  • Entity Data Modeler fixes
  • Publishing after Git Clone fixes
  • Launchpad Template Fixes
  • Paging support for the Entity based templates
  • Big files support in the Documents View
  • exists() method in dialects
  • Deep folder support for upload and unpacking of zip files
  • PostgreSQL - Synchronizing process for Roles
  • Master Repository Support
  • External launchpad support
  • Empty folders support in zip download/upload
  • Themes fixes
  • OpenUI5 Templates refactoring
  • Added Properties and Environment Variables in the Configurations listing
  • Master Repository adaptations and fixes
  • Version Service
  • About View
  • Image API
  • Resize Service for images in Documents
  • File/New Menu adaptations
  • openView event support in Menu
  • Relative URIs
  • Improved anonymous support
  • traverse() and list() methods added
  • Configurable messaging store
  • Docker files per package
  • Public Registry Synchronizer added
  • Added “X-Requested-With” header to login forms
  • Close Prevention
  • Sort and Order in rs API
  • Flowable built-in Database Configuration
  • Lazy Loading in Database Explorer
  • Configurable Temp Directory for Git
  • Database queries fix
  • Fix logging issues
  • Adds “database-custom” dependency into Anonymous builds
  • Swagger 2.0 canonicalizing

Type B (fully vetted by the IP Team)


Conforms To UI/UX Guidelines
Not verified