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Eclipse EMF Cloud™ comprises a set of components that facilitate and simplify the adoption of the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) in cloud-based applications. Thus, the overarching theme of EMF Cloud is to provide a common home to frameworks, tools, and components that enable EMF’s powerful feature spectrum in cloud deployments.

Comparable to the diversity of EMF and its ecosystem itself, EMF Cloud is envisioned to encompass a variety of different types of tools and components, ranging from browser-based tooling to create Ecore models, generic frameworks for processing and editing EMF-based models in a browser-based client, middleware that simplifies the transport of models and model changes between an EMF-based data management server and a client, through to adapters and auxiliary components that help web-native software to consume and interact with EMF models.

EMF Cloud complements the components of EMF to help integrate them in web clients and servers alike. In particular, we would like to utilize the genericity and flexibility of EMF to provide a generic and application independent toolkit for viewing, editing, processing, transporting, and managing EMF-based models in a cloud-native stack.

As a consequence, by its nature, EMF Cloud is open to any software project that aims to address the challenges and specific requirements of using any aspect of EMF in a browser-based setting or cloud deployment.

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2.0.0-emfjson-jackson 2021-12-15
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