Jakarta XML Web Services 4.0 (Jakarta XML Web Services)

4.0 (Jakarta XML Web Services)


The release contains following changes:

  • annotates jakarta.xml.ws.AsyncHandler with @FunctionalInterface
  • extends jakarta.xml.ws.wsaddressing.W3CEndpointReference API with getters
  • drops implementation lookup through the "jaxws.properties" configuration file
  • makes implementation lookup through the system property as the first step
  • removes required fallback to some default implementation from the implementation lookup
  • folds Jakarta Web Services Metadata Specification into this/Jakarta Web Services Specification (Jakarta Web Services Metadata Specification is no longer available as a standalone API/project/jar)

Requires Java SE 11 or newer (aligned with Jakarta EE 10).

Conforms To UI/UX Guidelines
Not verified
This release is part of Jakarta 10