Eclipse Jersey 2.40



Jersey 2.x is JavaEE8/Jakarta EE 8/JAX-RS 2.1/Jakarta REST 2.1 compatible release. Jersey 2.40 changes:

  • ASM 9.5 (JDK 21 support)

  • Netty Connector supports RequestEntityProcessing.BUFFERED (i.e. not only chunk encoding)

  • Allow for choosing the client connector using ClientProperties.CONNECTOR_PROVIDER property. Works also when the property is set using (with org.glassfish.jersey.ext.microprofile:jersey-mp-config & org.eclipse.microprofile.config implementation)

  • ParamConverters #toString() and fromString() do not throw IEA exception by default (unless configured to do so by CommonProprties.PARAM_CONVERTERS_THROW_IAE) to speedup request processing.

  • A number of fixes

Conforms To UI/UX Guidelines
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