Eclipse Jersey 2.42

Jersey 2.x is JavaEE8/Jakarta EE 8/JAX-RS 2.1/Jakarta REST 2.1 compatible release. Jersey 2.42 main improvements:

  • Allow @priority for ExceptionMapper
  • SameSite is capital first letter only.
  • RegularExpression in Uri Template IS NOT optional
  • Prevent Netty connection from being stuck
  • Adopt Jackson 2.16.2
  • prevent NPE when WebAppException#getResponse returns null
  • Add URL of KeyStore and TrustStore to SslConfigurator
  • ASCII encode ContentDisposition file name
  • Add Apache5 properties to be grabbed by config
  • Put duplicated methods into a common superclass
  • Propagate Future.cancel() to connectors
  • Add a logger for a request notifying Jersey Container is involved
  • Drop JDK 7 profile

Release Date
Release Type
Service release (bug fixes only)