Eclipse Jersey 2.43

Jersey 2.x is JavaEE8/Jakarta EE 8/JAX-RS 2.1/Jakarta REST 2.1 compatible release. Jersey 2.43 main improvements:

  • ASM 9.7 support
  • Micrometer - missing metrics for cases of client errors added
  •  Prevent Jackson fails while loading Modules (classloader issues)
  • The internal package is a part of the Jersey APIDoc now
  • Added support for HK2 factories, binders to comply with documentation.
  • Overriding of the SNIHostName is allowed.
  • It's possible to configure the queue capacity for ChunkedOutput
  • A workaround for HTTP Patch is documented and tests added
  • Ensure the RequestScope and other singleton bindings are registered just once
  • Prevent NPE in Jersey Spring RequestContextFilter
  • Lazy Load TracingLogger to track MATCH_RESOURCE_METHOD
  • Prevent synchronized blocking of the virtual threads in JDK21
  • Dependencies versions update
  • Multirelease includes JDK21 to support Thread.isVirtual()
Release Date
Release Type
Service release (bug fixes only)