Jakarta JSON Processing 2.1

This release contains following changes:

  • added API to create JsonValue from primitive types
  • added API to create get JsonValue from java.lang.Number type
  • added API to get current event from the JsonParser
  • added standard property to handle duplicated keys
  • clarified behaviour of JsonObjectBuilder.build() method
  • clarified behaviour of JsonGenerator.close() method
  • changed type bounds of a Map argument in Json.createObjectBuilder(Map): JsonObjectBuilder method
  • added definition of exceptions thrown by JsonParser.getValue()/getObject()/getArray() methods
  • removed (default) implementation from the specification API artifact and moved the implementation to the separate project
  • provided standalone, Apache Maven based TCK 

Requires Java SE 11 or newer (aligned with Jakarta EE 10).

Release Date
Release Type
Minor release
This release is part of Jakarta 10