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These are the goals of the API are as it described in the spec:

  • Support binding (serialization and deserialization) for all RFC 7159-compatible JSON documents.
  • JSON-related specifications will be surveyed to determine their relationship to JSON-Binding.
  • Maintain consistency with JAXB (Java API for XML Binding) and other Java EE and SE APIs where appropriate.
  • Define default mapping of Java classes and instances to JSON document counterparts.
  • Allow customization of the default mapping definition.
  • Default use of the APIs should not require prior knowledge of the JSON document format and specification.
  • Define or enable integration with JSR 374: Java API for JSON Processing (JSON-P) 1.1.

The following are non-goals:

  • The specification recommends, but does not require equivalence of content for deserialized and serialized JSON documents.
  • Generation of JSON Schema from Java classes, as well as validation based on JSON schema.
  • Support and integration with Lightweight JSON API as defined within JEP 198 is out of scope of this specification. Will be reconsidered in future specification revisions.